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5 Reasons Why Branded SMS Marketing is Necessary in Todays Era

There are lots of people who think that the time for Branded SMS Marketing in Lahore has passed but they are highly mistaken. Even with the world becoming a global village and a highly technological place, there is still room for SMS marketing. New digital marketing trends are being introduced day by day but still Branded SMS marketing stays rooted to its spot as one of the best way of marketing for all types of businesses. Let us have a look at some reasons which clearly explain why Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan is necessary in today’s era and the role it can play in the success of your business. 

1- Goes Well with Marketing on Online Platforms

Branded SMS Marketing can be used to engage your audience and drive them to your social media pages and website. You can set up various strategies for this purpose. For example, I once did this campaign for my business in which I ran an online competition that required all the participants to visit my social media page and submit their mobile numbers and also give their assent on receiving SMS from my company. Then I choose three winners and sent them texts telling them about their prizes and stuff. So, that competition engaged a lot of my audience and I gained lots of new followers as well. 

2- Can Work Without Internet

The biggest advantage of Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan is that people receive SMS through their service provider and they do not require internet for this purpose. This way you can reach everyone and not just those people who have access to internet. WhatsApp is mostly used for personal use and people rarely go through email advertisements so in that case your best shot is SMS Marketing. 

3- SMS Content Can be Easily Personalized

When it comes to SMS Marketing, you can send out personalized SMS to your customers. You can use their name in the message and can provide them specific information or can ask about a recent purchase they did from you. But of course, you will have to be very careful with it and use a tone and writing style that makes them comfortable and definitely not the opposite. 

4- Given More Weight

Branded SMS marketing have one big advantage that SMS are not ignored by people usually like other sorts of advertisements. For example, how often do you stop to read an online ad on Instagram or Facebook? But when you receive a message on your phone, at least you open it and you read some of it. This is why the first line of your SMS should be catchy enough to engage your audience. 

5- Affordable

Another benefit of Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan is that it is affordable and not much expensive. You can send SMS in bulk at a very low cost. The above-mentioned points clearly state the importance of Branded SMS Marketing in today’s world. So, would you give it a try for your business?

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