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The Unlimited Benefits of Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan

The world has become a global village and the need of businesses to reach more and more people is increasing day by day. The Branded SMS Marketing is one of the effective ways via which businesses in Pakistan can gain a flux of clients and ensure their legitimacy and credibility through the branding of their brand’s name.  Why is that so? Let me explain it to you with one question. How many times do you check your mobile phone in a day? I can say for sure, that you don’t remember because we are always checking our phones after a few minutes or a few hours, for sure. 

This is why reaching customers by sending them information about your brand is probably the best way of marketing in today’s era. The SMS is always sent with a brand name, thereby increasing the trust of people on the received information. The Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan has a much better response rate than any other type of marketing and works well for all kinds of businesses, whether they are wholesalers, real estate, retailers, hospitals, manufacturers or restaurants. 

Branded SMS Marketing: A Detailed Overview of Benefits

The most common slogan of the service providers of Branded SMS Marketing in Pakistan is that “Your Customers are Just a Text Away” and that is entirely true. SMS marketing engages customers in a better way, so let us have a more detailed look of its substantial benefits. 

1- Better Reach Rate 

Text messages are known to have an open rate of about 98 percent. A few years earlier, email marketing was done to reach customers but it only achieved average results as the open rate for emails is just 24.79 percent. Even you can second this statistics as it is our habit to just read the subject lines of emails or names of their senders and we never open them if they do not interest us. So, yes we have a habit of ignoring emails which is definitely not the case when it comes to text messages.

2- Very Engaging

Through SMS Marketing, we can send SMS to the targeted audience timely. The most important thing here is that they are quite relevant and pitch the right news to the audience. This is one of the most important features of Branded SMS marketing in Pakistan which keeps people engaged and this is why a character limit of SMS is specified by service providers.

3- Quite Reliable

It is quite frustrating to know that the email you drafted with such attention and creativity went unread or more disappointingly, went into someone’s spam folder. When it comes to text messages, they are more likely to make it to the phone’s inbox than emails. However, to make your SMS more reliable, you can also follow some tips to draft the right SMS, enhancing its chances of deliverability. 

These are some proven benefits of Branded SMS Marketing in Lahore. So, make sure to give SMS marketing a try for your business and take your marketing game to next level.

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